The Straight To Video Chronicles

The Battle of Shaker Heights

Cast: Shia Laboeuf, Amy Smart, Elden Henson, Shiri Appleby, Kathleen Quinlan, Anson Mount and William Sadler

Tagline: The winner of the second Project Greenlight screenwriting contest is a uniquely funny portrait of modern youth under siege (Although modern youth doesn’t really show up in this flick at all: I didn’t see any of the pimple-faced, pot-smoking degenerates found at a high school near you)

Plot: Seventeen year-old Kelly (Laboeuf) is a bagboy who goes around trying to be witty, attempting to gain the attention of women that are out of his league (for examples of this type of weasel, see Ben Affleck, co-producer of this flick, in every film he has ever been in).

Best Line: N/A. But the best part of the DVD was the relentless theft protection packaging it originally came in that almost spared me 80 minutes.

The real moral of this story: 1. Flashes of brilliance exist in the minds of curly–haired high school losers that bag groceries at the local supermarket. 2. Kids like Kelly have the ability to enlighten audiences as much as the rest of Hollywood. 3. Movies like this can be just as “good” as those with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.