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Letters to the Editor

Self-gratification a smart alternative
Re: “Getting Your Groove On Safe and Solo” January 21, 2004

Congratulations to The Oracle, and columnist Stephanie Oliveira, on asking and answering the question, “What is safe sex?”

This article was an accurate analysis of alternatives in the quest for safer sex.

The risks of unwanted pregnancies and debilitating sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, are great.

The alternatives proposed by the author are well worth considering.

Michael Knox, Ph.D., University Professor Director, USF Center for HIV Education and Research.

A kind heart reaches out to felines

There are many reasons why I like USF. The free recreation classes, the Ben and Jerry’s and Starbucks stores on campus, and the indoor and outdoor pools, just to name a few. But my favorite thing about campus simply has to be the cat food bowls scattered around. I have to admit that I don’t know who puts the bowls out, or who fills them with food. I’m never around at the right times to see who it is. I wish I did know who was responsible, because I would like to thank them personally.

I think that it is very sweet that someone would go out of their way to take care of the many cats around campus. Seeing the many bowls of food made me wonder if someone pays for the cat food out of their own pocket. That adds up! I know the cats that live on campus may annoy some people, but I love how they have made USF their home. This just proves that USF is a beautiful and comfortable place to live. So, thank you, whoever you are, for being such a kind person.

Ashley Roy is a junior majoring in psychology.