Wedding DVD a splendid slice of pie

Jim, Finch and, yes, even Stifler are back for the final slice of Pie, available in both rated and unrated DVD. Wedding bells are ringing as Michelle and Jim dream up a traditional white ceremony but hysterical complications lead to the summer’s most outrageous comedy. And a fitting ending to the American Pie trilogy.

The DVD is a breath of fresh air in a market where discs are cluttered with pointless special features. American Wedding is packaged wonderfully with exceptional extras, including obligatory deleted scenes and commentary.

A simple proposal becomes a rather X-rated display of emotions, but what else is there to expect from Adam Herz, the writer of American Pie.

Herz has drawn upon many personal experiences and turned them into Jim’s life and the average man’s worst nightmare. Jim has done it all wrong: from confusing lubricant with super glue to having intimate moments with a foreign beauty broadcasted live via the Internet.

In American Wedding, some of the immature and lewd acts from the first two films are replaced with a few strangely heart-warming moments — from Stifler’s moment of selflessness (that comes after he nearly destroys Michelle’s dream wedding) to Jim’s dad discussing the meaning of making love to his soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

The DVD features a handful of deleted and alternate scenes introduced by Herz, none of which merited inclusion in the end product but still make for an interesting watch.

The unrated version of American Wedding gives viewers more of what they want: An extended bachelor party and more of Jim’s special haircut.

The commentary is a DVD must, and even though the lost gems in Walmart’s $5.50 bin have screen specific commentaries, Wedding’s is worth checking out at least once.

If you got the DVD, you might as well listen to what the filmmakers and cast have to say about one of the most successful comedy trilogies ever.

American Wedding is a disposable comedy at best, since two years from now it will be hard to recall any particular scene, but the DVD comes nicely equipped with hilarious deleted scenes, an enjoyable commentary and not to forget the unrated bachelor party footage.