Jacko’s wacko antics taint career

Eccentric millionaire seeking adolescent boy willing to share a king-size bed…

Michael Jackson’s wanted ad writes itself, which just might have led to Jackson’s recent arrest and the extensive search of his estate.

Though Jackson hasn’t been convicted of child molestation, he has mentioned young boys spend the night in his bed. Surely the “King of Pop” must have more than one bed within the walls of his multi-million dollar Neverland estate.

Jackson assures the public these pre-pubescents wanted to sleep with him and that there’s nothing strange about being close.

This is not the first time, though, that Jackson has been involved in such a scandal. Back in 1994, he was subject of a national media blitz after a child came forward claiming Jackson sexually assaulted him. Jacko then quickly befriended and wed the pride of Graceland, Lisa Marie Presley in a union that lasted a mere 20 months.

The romance spawned not much more than an awkward kiss at MTV’s Video Music Awards and the semi-pornographic music video “You Are Not Alone,” which shows the two stars in their birthday suits. This was a sight the world could’ve done without. All the while Jackson continued to maintain his innocence in the molestation case, eventually opting to settle out of court for an undisclosed settlement.

Is Jackson just an innocent victim of a rough childhood and media sabotage, or is this a man who is afraid to face reality and see that he is a 40-year-old pop star in desperate need of psychiatric attention?

Since his failed marriage to the King’s daughter, Jackson’s career has suffered a drop off. From lackluster sales of HIStory to the bomb that was 2001’s Invincible, Jacko has long since lost the crown as pop king to a crowd of eager newcomers.

Since then, Jackson has grabbed numerous shocking headlines from dangling his newborn off a balcony to calling former Sony Records CEO Tommy Mattola a racist, blaming the record company for Invincible’s failure.

In the past year, Jackson has been a constant subject of speculation and appeared in an abundance of interviews, which exposed some of the “King of Pop’s” peculiar mindset.

In the last few months, little news circulated around Neverland. That is until the week when the District Attorney surprisingly moved in with a warrant for Jackson’s arrest.

The public’s response was immediate, as many charitable organizations associated with Jackson ended their affiliations with the fallen pop star. Record buyers helped bar his latest release, Number Ones, from even cracking Billboard’s Top 10 albums.

Meanwhile, the District Attorney’s office continues its exhaustive search into these allegations, currently asking anyone who’s been “seduced” by Jackson to step forward.

Jackson has changed not only his physical appearance, but also his public persona with behavior that has become more irrational as time passes. One minute, he’s M.J.: the man in the mirror, and an hour later he’s the weirdo with the Elephant Man’s bones.

Granted, just labeling Jackson as an eccentric doesn’t even begin to explain him, but can he be judged for his rather strange hobbies, his obsession with Peter Pan and his choice to share his bed with males yet to experience a voice change?Did Jackson really commit these crimes, or is it just a greedy parent trying to cash in and defame the icon?

With an arraignment set for January, it could be some time before these questions can be answered. After all, R. Kelly has still not taken the stand in the case of the “golden showers.” Maybe what makes Jackson’s case a bit harder to swallow is that he’s after boys while Kelly still likes the senoritas.

Then again, it could just be an accumulation of a lifetime bizarre occurrences that have altered Jackson’s persona more than his ever-evolving face.

Pablo Saldana is scene’s Movies Editor and can be reached at oraclepablo@yahoo.com.