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Allegations of racism against Eminem sensationalistic

Rapper Eminem has certainly been the center of several controversies throughout his career. But now hip-hop magazine The Source is taking it to new levels by digging up old recordings that it says prove that the rapper is a racist.

In the recordings, Eminem raps “Black girls and white girls just don’t mix/ because black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks.” The lyrics indeed are inane, and one could argue that they are racist as well. However, take into account that the rapper was a teenager at the time, and had just broken up with a girlfriend that happened to be black.

Racist, or just stupid? You be the judge.

Eminem released a statement in response to the hyped press conference at which the tracks were played to journalists at a New York Broadway hotel. In the response, he calls his own words expressions of “foolishness” and attributes them to his own “anger, frustration and stupidity.”

It is safe to say that his teenage rant would not be repeated by him today. Eminem is quite aware his skin color gives him an advantage over other artists that happen to be black. As he says in a song, “Do the math, if I was black, I would have sold half.” By bringing these facts about the music industry to the listening public, he actively combats racism.

The Source’s co-founder Benzino Scott has been in a feud with the controversial artist for years. In February 2003 the magazine even featured a cover illustration of him holding Eminem’s severed head. While Scott claims Eminem has “the ability to influence millions of minds” through his chart-topping recordings, the allegations brought forth at the press conference seem to be based on personal incompatibility between Scott and the rapper.

Eminem has faced many controversies in the past, ranging from alleged homophobia to misogyny. Truth be told, there are few sub-cultures that he has not touched on in his music and subsequently enraged. Yet, this particular instance does not appear to hold as much weight as The Source seems to think.

Needless to say, The Source plans on dedicating much of an upcoming issue in February to the recordings and even plans to include a CD for its subscribers.

Yes, the ditty Eminem wrote 10 years ago certainly lacked taste. Should he be crucified for it? Hardly.