For the record

Every week, Entertainment Editor Nick Margiasso will put one of our fine USF staffers on the musical hot seat for a Q & A. It may be informative, it could be disturbing but it definitely will be interesting.

Oracle: It’s our round … at the bar and at the jukebox; what’ll you have?

Prof. Tauber: Any halfway decent microbrew, and any live Phish, Dead or moe. song.

Oracle: What record most influenced your youth?

Prof. Tauber: Dark Side of the Moon. It was playing during all the important milestones during my teenage years.

Oracle: Who wins the fight: “David “God-given ass” Bowie or Gene “The Tongue” Simmons?

Prof. Tauber: David Bowie, because no one would come to Gene’s defense. Nor should anyone.

(Editor’s note: Anyone who hates Gene Simmons is a friend of mine.)

Oracle: What is the best music for “politicking?”

Prof. Tauber: Bluegrass, since it appeals to so many different people.

Oracle: If you had a hit single what would it be called and what kind of music would it be?

Prof. Tauber: “Forever 4:20,” and it would feature me playing acoustic guitar for a half an hour.

(Editor’s note: I swear, I don’t make this stuff up.)