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Angels’ DVD a piece of heaven

After weathering a rather slim summer, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle bearly crawled passed the $100 million mark, and the special edition DVD comes packed with some decent supplements.

Combining both lively commentaries and enjoyable deleted scenes, the DVD is a must for those who enjoy a no-brainer action-comedy and for the fans of the first film. Though it wasn’t the best film of the year, the Angels still manage to deliver a fun movie.

The only drawback to the disc that carries an abundance of extras is that the film itself caters to a very specific genre of fans rather than trying to appeal to a mass audience.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu are back to reprise their roles as the millennium’s winning comedy-action trio. Mixing good looks and tough attitudes, the girls perfectly capture the personas and the spirit of the ’70s television series.

The Angels return with a vengeance and this time the film recruits Demi Moore and Bernie Mac for some help. Mac is the film’s best new addition and delivers some of the funniest moments during the movie’s 100-minute runtime.

After a top secret set of titanium rings containing a list of everyone in the witness protection program is stolen and is being sold to different crime families, the Angels are sent to recover the lost information. They must also locate the person behind the scheme and bring him or her to justice.

Full Throttle doubles the action and laughs of the first Charlie’s Angels, but the simplistic plot and unbelievable action segments take away from the full experience.

The DVD has disposal features such as “Dream Duds: Costuming an Angel” and “Angels Makeover: Hansen Dam.”

“Full Throttle: The Cars of Charlie’s Angels” gives the viewer an inside look at all the vehicles used in the film. Besides the Angels themselves, the most attractive feature of the film is their rides.

The disc also boasts commentaries with former music video director McG, now the director of the Charlie’s Angels series, and the film’s writers.

And, the usual promotional material wraps up the disc with the action-filled trailer, Pink’s “Feel Good Time” video and a “cameo-graphy,” focusing on the film’s numerous cameos.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is nothing more than a silly comedy, but Sony has given the Angels some better than average features to make this special edition a score for fans of the genre.