A clean performance from Staind

Since the release of Break the Cycle in 2001, the rock group Staind, a band “discovered” by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, has built up a solid fan base with its hard-hitting sound.

The band’s music is on the darker, more morose side of rock ‘n’ roll, accentuated by the droning sound of lead singer Aaron Lewis’ voice.

Staind and its metal friends will bring this sound to the USF Sun Dome on Saturday, bringing along Lo-Pro and Sevendust on the tour.

Staind’s music frequently deals with issues such as divorce and its effects on the lives of young people, drawn from lead singer Lewis’ childhood, as well as topics of angst and isolation.

The guys from Staind recently released their fourth album, 14 Shades of Grey, spawning the hit single “So Far Away.” The other hit single from the album, “Price to Play,” is featured on the new Headbangers Ball album just released by MTV. This puts the Staind tune alongside tunes from metal legends such as Slayer. Durst discovered Staind after the soon-to-be band members sent him a demo at the beginning of their careers.

Subsequently, the band members took the trip from their Springfield, Mass. home to Durst’s home in Jacksonville to play it for him. Shortly after, with Durst’s help, the band received a record deal with Flip/Elektra Records.

While touring on the 1999 Family Values Tour with Limp Bizkit, Durst and Lewis performed Staind’s song “Outside” as an acoustic duet, and a recording of their intense performance garnered heavy rotation from rock radio.

That performance propelled Lewis into the spotlight, and the Family Values Tour 1999 CD went multi-platinum.

The rest of the band joined Lewis in the spotlight when the members of Staind released their third album, Break the Cycle, which entered the Bilboard Top 200 Albums chart at No. 1 and featured the hit “It’s Been Awhile.”

The song introduced people to Staind’s combination of personal lyrics combined with heavy rock ‘n’ roll.

According to Rolling Stone, Staind has “several woe-is-me tracks that would be wimpy if his (Lewis’) buddies didn’t kick butt.” The rest of the band that provides the power behind Lewis’ singing consists of guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Johnny April and drummer Jon Wysocki.

Lo-Pro was signed by Lewis to his own record label, passing on the gift that Durst gave to Staind. Sevendust is a metal band from Atlanta who are known for their barn-burning live performances. Lewis played on Sevendust’s 2001 album Animosity, so both opening acts on this tour are close to Staind. But Staind’s melodramatic performance alone should be enough to satisfy rock fans.