Letters to the Editor

Sororities and fraternities look beyond stereotypes
Re: Sorority singles out pretty girls

Here is a little thought for you: Maybe the Zeta Tau Alpha representative was joking around when she said that phrase. Haven’t you ever said something that was taken out of context? I know that I have. I am sure that you were just dying to have a sorority girl confirm your suspicions that we are all snobby and superficial.

Well, I also have a suggestion for you: Step outside of your judgmental bubble and get to know some of the girls that belong to Greek organizations on campus.

You might be interested to learn that each sorority raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for philanthropic purposes. I’ll bet that you also did not know that each sorority has academic requirements for membership. Each girl that belongs to a Greek affiliation is beautiful on the inside. She devotes her time and energy to making the world a better place, which is probably more than you can say for yourself.

I am sure that it is way too hard for you to see beyond the cliché with your jaded vision. It is people like you that help perpetuate the stereotypes in this world instead of putting an end to them.

Nina LanFranca is a junior in marketing and member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.