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Dealing with addiction

For some, the battle to end drug use takes more effort than consuming the drug. Without proper help, it can be more difficult to stop.

Tampa has many resources and drug treatment programs. The Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordination Organization, which is part of Hillsborough County, has programs focused on different areas for help.

Residential programs include an intervention in a family. Community programs are small groups who aim to prevent drug use in an area.

Substance Abusing Mothers and their Infants is another organization that helps pregnant women to deliver sober babies and its prevention programs include talking to students at all levels in schools.

A report of information compiled from the 1990s on shows that those who were successful in DACCO programs spent, on average, more than twice as many days in a prevention program than those who weren’t successful.

That same report showed that the failure rates for highest at 77 percent for people 19 years and under. For 20 to 24-year-olds the rate was larger, at 67.5 percent.

Michelle Wilson said volunteers from USF assist with clients and run group drug education programs in the area. Working in an organization such as DACCO, Wilson said is fulfilling.

DACCO has been in existence for about 30 years, Wilson said. It gets its clients from referrals and mandatory commitments. Wilson said the Department of Children and Families sometimes forced parents to go under a court order.

“Seeing clients graduate and how their lives have changed is great,” Wilson said. “Sometimes they’re getting their kids back and moving on with their lives.”