Student clashes with parking official, then flees police

A USF student was arrested Wednesday afternoon after an argument with a parking official that later ended with her fleeing from the police.

Esau Estella Randle, 22, jumped into the back of a parking official’s golf cart, police said, after a dispute over a ticket.

The incident, which occurred just after 3 p.m., started at the parking lot between Castor Hall and Willow Drive, as parking enforcement officers were administering the parking citation, police said.

Police could not verify if the car belonged to Randle or why it was being ticketed.

“(Randle) entered a parking (golf cart) and would not leave, then refused to speak to an officer and got up and ran by the pond towards the student health center,” said Sgt. Mike Klingebiel, spokesman for the University Police. “(Corporal Andrew) Caffarelli encountered the individual at Student Health Services when she tried to flee again.”

After being approached she began screaming and Caffarelli had to force her to the ground where she was then handcuffed, Klingebiel said.

She was booked at the Hillsborough County Jail on two counts of resisting arrest without violence and one count of trespass in a vehicle, Klingebiel said.

“I’m sure she’ll be given a bond amount because these are misdemeanors, and if she pays she’ll be released,” he said.

Geraldine Randle, the woman’s mother, did not know her daughter had been arrested when she was contacted late Wednesday night.

She said her daughter told her a few days ago that she enjoys being at USF and was planning on hosting a talk radio show.

“She is a really great person and I’ve never had any trouble with her since she was a baby,” Randle said. “I don’t know what brought this on.”