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Fisher a versatile threat

BIRMINGHAM –It is surprising that USF football player Brian Fisher didn’t get to kick the ball in Saturday’s game against the Crimson Tide.

Fisher, who is listed as a wide receiver, did almost everything else, including playing quarterback, wide receiver, running back and punt returner. The junior, who emerged as a versatile weapon in Saturday’s game, was responsible for both of the Bulls’ touchdowns.

“I’m very comfortable wherever they put me,” Fisher said. “They can put me on the offensive line if they want to.”

The first touchdown came with 8:12 left in the first quarter when Fisher caught a 13-yard pass thrown by quarterback Ronnie Banks. Banks was feeling pressure and was forced to move out of the pocket, but Fisher, who finished with two catches for 22 yards, saw the situation and broke his pattern.

“I saw him scramble, so I just tried to stay in his path,” Fisher said.

In the first quarter Fisher caught the ball for a touchdown, but in the second quarter he would take a snap as quarterback. With the Bulls on the 17 yard line and 11:01 on the game clock, Fisher lined up behind the center, took the snap and rushed for a touchdown. Fisher wound up taking another snap late in the third quarter where he optioned to the running back DeJuan Green, making his QB stats for the day, 1-1 for six yards. Even though the option play was run twice, Fisher is capable of running other QB plays.

“We practice some other stuff,” Fisher said. “I guess we just didn’t get around to doing them.”

Fisher, who was a QB in high school, said he is entirely confident playing the pass. The Bulls routinely practice with Fisher taking the snap.

“Whenever they call me back there, I go,” Fisher said. “There is no set amount — there is no set time for me to go to quarterback, I just do it when they ask me.”

Not only did Fisher play the quarterback and receiver positions, he also returned four kickoffs for 96 yards and two punt returns for 22 yards.

Despite the rout, Fisher is confident in the Bulls offense and does not foresee any changes in USF’s offensive strategy.

“I don’t think we are going to change anything, ” Fisher said. “We are going to keep doing what we do (and) we’re going to have to get the job done the next 10 games.”