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New logo hits bulls-eye

USF had nothing to lose when they changed their logo to something simple and streamlined — something people will remember and recognize. Why did they have nothing to lose? Because the previous logo was absolutely dreadful.

Some people thought it resembled a goat; I just thought it was chunky and unappealing. The new “Iconic Bull” is so simple that it will tempt students to doodle it during math class, while at the same time it is distinctive among the college landscape.

If a comparison had to be made, I would compare it to the Green Bay Packers, the Tennessee Volunteers and Texas Long Horns. No detail, no complicated color scheme, something you can enlarge on a football field and it will look as good there as it does on the uniforms.

So congratulations are in order for a university that, only a short while ago, changed their official school emblem from a curly ‘S’ to something that resembles a letterhead from a used car dealership.

Maybe now people won’t be embarrassed to buy USF merchandise and have a relative or friend look at it and go, “What is that?” Hats will look appealing, state license plates will not be embarrassing and a visit to will no longer be an eye-gouging trip.

USF changed their look so it can sell its products, and I, for one, will be more than happy to oblige.

USF is keeping its athletic coaches for awhile, its football program is on the rise, and their logo is fresh and attractive. I wonder how all this would look outside Conference USA, in, oh, I don’t know, maybe the Big East or the ACC?