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Mainstream news at its best

Tampa Bay Online

For local news, is the Web site of choice. Because of its convergence with The Tampa Tribune, News Channel 8, offers a truly comprehensive package of local events. The home page is full of easy-to-read links to different channels, community links and tools. It also features a “Things to Do” section and an updated and interactive weather report. The top of the page offers a search option and a way to find keywords mentioned on the news or in the newspaper.

— Louisa Ogle

The New York Times
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With the motto “all the news that’s fit to print,” The New York Times now offers a broader selection of news stories covering national and international issues. With its 152 years of publishing history, it provides readers with straightforward, respectable news.

— Sebastian Meyer

The Guardian

The Guardian is a well-written, often humorous, respectable news source that offers a different perspective. With coverage questioning the whereabouts of weapons of mass destruction, as well as detailed coverage of the war in Iraq, it often puts a different spin on stories than U.S. newspapers, it makes an interesting read, even if you have already read stories about the same events.

–Sebastian Meyer


Though MSNBC may seem like a common place to get national and international news updates, the Web site offers its visitors alternative perks.

Besides the ability to view live news coverage, visitors can also read incoming news wire updates. MSNBC also gives the latest updates on sports, technology and health.

The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine also have links to their Web sites on MSNBC. Visitors can get a variety of information from different news sources with just one click to MSNBC.

Another feature of MSNBC is the place that visitors can type in their zip codes and get their local news, weather and sports. At the bottom of the site, a special box allows readers to submit top stories.

— Stefanie Green


For news junkies, is the site to visit.It gives links to daily and non-daily newspapers, not only from Florida but nationwide. The site also gives links to the top national newspapers in metro areas.

An added bonus is that it provides links to the major television and radio networks both nationally and locally.

Also, visitors to this site can read newspapers from other countries and link to magazines. also makes its site user-friendly by wrapping up the top news sites in one interactive link and supplies a link for searching job ads.

— Stefanie Green