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Letters to the Editor 6/9

Local coffee housefar from corporate

RE: Letter responding to column Stir Away from Starbucks

Having been a loyal patron of Sacred Grounds for about five years now, I feel the need to correct some of Barbara Ness’ misconceptions.

While the “corporate coffee sucks” T-shirt is no doubt self-promotion, it is hardly a corporate move. Sacred Grounds is a simple owner-operated, “mom and pop” shop with exactly one location, whose owner-employees have yet to draw a steady paycheck for their truly gargantuan endeavor.

From social activism to awesome hummus, their coffee shop is a shining example of what can be done when people decide to run a business without a corporate mentality. But obviously, their continued existence requires the support of the community as well, so please do so!.

Thane Montaner is a USF alumnus in Philosophy.