2Fast 2Furious action-packed and fun

Watching 2Fast 2Furious is like taking a drug that both fully indulges you into the action and thrill of fast driving and enhances your sense of how horrid young actors can be. It’s a dichotomous experience, which draws a thin line between bad acting and good action.

In this sequel to 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, flashy cars, hot girls, big systems and hydraulics set up a good time of nothing but fun. And again, the film focuses mainly on fast cars, reckless driving, sharp turns and revving engines.

Paul Walker returns as Brian O’Conner, a cop turned street-racer living in Miami and winning big bucks by strutting his stuff on the closed, copless streets of one of Florida’s biggest cities.

Joining him in this part of what is sure to be a long series is Tyrese. The model and singer plays Brian’s childhood companion, Roman Pearce, who is still bitter about going to jail, supposedly due to Brian’s inability to help him.

Together, they must bring down an import-export dealer by proving he is attached to some dirty money that is going to be transported across the border. By doing so, their records will be cleaned, as they both have a long list of criminal offenses on file.

The story is formulaic, the twists are predictable and the acting leaves much room for improvement. If you excuse the poor performance by Walker, the movie is fairly decent. After all, acting is a hard job but someone has to do it.

The good thing is that the movie does not aim for anything higher than what it is. It isn’t meant to move audiences for more than the 100 minutes it plays — and that’s all it does.

The movie is clearly about how much fun the audience can have while watching things most of them will never do. It’s about how much they can enjoy the childish bickering of the two main characters without getting annoyed. It’s about action and nothing more than that. But in that aspect, it’s a great movie.

Rating: B

Action, PG-13, Running time: 100 min.