Morality doesn’t need regulating

Sleeping around on your wife, or sleeping around on your five wives for that matter, is apparently just as bad as sodomy. And with that same reasoning, sex with your dog — even gay sex with your dog — is exponentially better than gay sex with another human.

Because Sen. Rick Santorum said so.

In an interview with The Associated Press about the Supreme Court case challenging Texas’ anti-sodomy law, the Republican senator from Pennsylvania illogically equivocated sodomy with adultery and polygamy.

If the Supreme Court allows sodomy, Santorum believes, a slippery slope will permit “the right to anything,” including the above “sins.” But Texas does not count bestiality among those sins, having repealed a law prohibiting it the same year sodomy got the ax.

The Grand Old Party claims to seek small government and personal freedoms, but one of its senate leadership wants state control to reach the bedroom. Such a goal is impossible if Santorum, chairman of the Senate’s GOP conference, is allowed to remain with his discriminatory beliefs. It is the duty of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee to call out his colleague and spearhead the removal of Santorum from his post among the Senate’s Republican organization.

Lott was forced to resign as majority leader. For his similar misdeed, Santorum should receive no less of a punishment.

Doing so would quiet the foolish advocation of bedroom police. Santorum believes the state has the right to control such an intimate environment, claiming the U.S. Constitution does not protect that right to privacy. In connecting sodomy to adultery, Santorum also implicitly argues the state should also legislate infidelity, with the option to criminally target adulterers.

The difference between his moral beliefs and maintaining order goes neglected by Santorum.

Open discrimination against homosexuals by banning gay sex should not go unanswered. The GOP now owes fellow politicians, and Americans, the removal of Santorum from his post.

University Wire — Syracuse U.