Reading the funnies online

Reading the daily comics no longer requires readers to open a single newspaper. The following Web sites offer visitors a multitude of comic strips, editorial cartoons and user-created strips that readers can enjoy at their leisure.


The world of daily comics comes alive through this easy-to-navigate listing of strips. allows readers to search through its daily updated listing of 101 nationally syndicated strips and editorial cartoons. The Web site is divided into categories ranging from dog-themed strips to comics targeted at readers who are 18-30 years old.

2. AstroNerdBoy’s Comic Strips

Though there are many syndicated cartoons that grace the pages of newspapers every day, there are Web-exclusive cartoons that never see the light of day. The Web site’s author claims that the large collection of creations rivals those of nationally syndicated strips.

3. Stripcreator

Web surfers who have seen what the professionals have to offer can turn to for submissions by amateurs who want to try their hands at strip creation. The site allows visitors to create their own comics free of charge and also features the top user-submitted creations.

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