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Quizzes that entertain

The amount of knowledge, both trivial and educational, acquired in a person’s life can be immense. It’s time to put that massive amount of knowledge to good use. The following Web sites are filled with quizzes that put visitors’ wisdom and general knowledge to the test.


Competitions are great ways to showcase talent. Quizland offers visitors an extensive list of quizzes and surveys on topics ranging from the stupidest politician to the cast of Friends. Quiz-takers can keep score and post it online to compare their knowledge level against other people.

2. Trivia Plaza

The entertaining combination of music and movies is joined with the category of world geography to form an entertaining yet educational quiz Web site. Visitors can choose from among 7,000 questions divided throughout 230 different categories. Some topics include world capitals, famous movie taglines and the top songs of the ’90s.

3. IQtest

A person’s IQ can be an accurate reflection of genius or a compilation of lucky guesses. Those curious to see how “intelligent” they are can turn to this Web site for various tests among the categories of mathematics, logic and visual analysis.

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