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Huh, huh … he said DVD … yeah, that doesn’t suck

Remember when TV didn’t suck? Beavis & Butthead dominated the MTV air waves entertaining delinquents of all ages starving for a release of visual stupidity. Yeah, huh huh, that was cool. But then they were canceled because some young turd-burgular kid set his house on fire. Luckily, they’re back and they’re stupider than ever, in a good way of course.

The best part is that The Great Cornholio, Beavis, and his fellow fart-knocker, Butthead, are available on 6 DVDs. As an added bonus, this 10 hour dumb-ass-athon is edited to only consist the “Best Of” episodes without the annoyance of those drawn out videos that cut in between … huh huh … every five seconds of every ridiculously stupid, but flat-out hilarious episode.

Just as a note, this Beavis & Butthead series is not for a mature viewing audience (at least not a sober one). This collection of episodes is strictly configured to only suit the non-butt-munches who appreciate the true value of idiotic, meaningless, but legitimate humor. This, of course, includes two challenged minds babbling about money and chicks — hitting each other with two by fours, trash cans and shovels, running into walls, choking on chicken, choking the chicken, laughing constantly for no reason especially when someone says “wood,” “wiener,” or “spanking the monkey.” So anyone’s humor that doesn’t fit into this category should stop reading now.

TIME magazine has called this set “a spellbound ride into the genius art of comedy.” Ok, maybe not, but anyone with a good sense of humor would agree that this DVD hit the funny bone hard. There is no intellectual and sophisticated humor, but it’s quite a challenge to watch these two idiots perform their senseless and moronic escapades for one minute and not laugh. Sure, no intellectual enlightenments will be enveloped, no learning is guaranteed, but hilarious stupidity is a promise.

These wonderfully clever and originally written episodes are worthy of delving into repeatedly. Yes, it may contain such episodes named “Manners Suck,” “Customers Suck,” “Animation Sucks,” and in every sentence they say, “this sucks.” One thing is for sure, this collection doesn’t suck and is worth every cent (of $60) that’s spent on this senseless, idiotic hilarity.

There are only a few things in the world that can be so stupid, but genius at the same time. Beavis & Butthead finally score.

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