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Featured Ticket: One night to live the dream

Oscar Night America turns the Tampa Theatre into the place to be this Sunday. This is one of the 39 officially sanctioned parties by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

It’s the night all of Hollywood waits for, as the doors swing open and the flashing lights illuminate the evening’s black skies. And who is making their way through the crowd of reporters? It could be you.

This is the chance to live out those fantasies of being a celebrity walking down the red carpet and being assaulted by Joan Rivers.

Remember back to last year and you’ll remember sitting back and watching the Academy Awards with a few friends wondering who’s going to win and how could Bjork wear the swan dress to 2001’s ceremony.

After arriving in style, guests will receive free popcorn, sodas, coffee and a official Academy Awards program or an official Academy commemorative poster. Basically, you’ll be holding the same program or poster given to such stars as Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage.

When the curtains close on Oscar night, it will be time to return to a normal life and put away the expensive gowns for another year.

Tickets for Oscar Night America are $25- $45 and are available through the Tampa Theatre box office and Ticketmaster.