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Letters to the Editor 2/113

MLK vandalism more than mischief

I am writing in response to Tuesday’s article titled “Vandalized MLK bust removed for repairs.” According to the article, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. bust that sits in the MLK Plaza has been vandalized several times. At this time it has been removed again for repairs.

My issue is this: University Police spokesman Mike Klingebiel said that the vandalism “does not constitute a hate crime since it is against property and not a person.” I don’t think these are simple pranks, considering that vandalism occurred on more than one occasion. I believe the perpetrator(s) vandalized the bust to somehow show disregard for Dr. King and what he stood for.

Taking into account that this is Black History Month, I believe the important symbol representing Dr. King — the advocate of freedom and justice — should be shown more respect. Needless to say, Dr. King has made innumerable contributions to the history of the United States. UP shouldn’t be taking these incidents lightly by labeling this a mere case of “criminal mischief.”

Georgia S. Thompson is a freshman pre-nursing major.