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Felicity DVD set will please fans

For those of you who were die-hard fanatics of the Warner Brothers TV series Felicity, a commodity from the show has been released. A DVD set that details its first season through 21 episodes including the pilot, with commentary from the series co-creators and executive producers, which introduced the world to the “introverted and lonely” character of Felicity.

Leading writer and co-creator J.J. Abrams, along with chief director Matt Reeves, give viewers an insight into the conceptual process of the show. From casting the multifaceted Keri Russell as the female lead, to technical decisions and financial tribulations the TV show was presented with before it began, this DVD is a distinctive memento for those fans who could not get enough of this now-canceled program.

A show that transcended critics’ expectations touched the ever-changing theme of life lessons away from home. The first season of Felicity mainly deals with self-discovery among the young characters in an attempt to become adults without the burden of parents’ restrictions.

In addition, the show presents the complex mind of the lead character, who ultimately becomes aware of her potential not only as an artist, but also as the person she hopes to be one day. Other characters include Ben, the guy Felicity thought was the basis of her decision for going to New York, and the always understanding Noel, whose crush on Felicity makes him the third wheel — at least in the beginning.

On this DVD collection, fans will be able to see the transformation of a character who seemed lonesome and timid at first, but incredibly honest and loyal as she unveils. In addition, a talented cast, which gets to play characters full of depth in situations with which some viewers may identify, makes this compilation worth watching.

It is no secret that people need validation in order to survive in this complex world. At the same time, shows like Felicity bring some sense of rationality to today’s television programming that is lacking in the so-called reality shows.

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