CD Review – Anti-Pop Consortium – Arrhythmia

Anti-Pop Consortium
Warp Records

Here’s something from another planet disguised as hip hop. With Arrhythmia, Earl Blaize, Priest and M. Sayid have done it again, although what they’ve done is incredibly hard to say.

They’ve composed an album that hangs on some of the most antiquated video-game blip music but sounds like it came from the future anyway. They embark on furious voyages of wordplay, in which you become lost in the seeming nonsense.

Then suddenly a phrase is dropped that makes sense, like scripture from an ancient world. They come completely prepared to shun the disgustingly sold-out and co-opted rap that parades as “true” hip hop. They come prepared to destroy logic and bring reason, like Zen koans.

There is nothing else to describe about this album other than its worthiness of being heard by those interested in one facet of the future of hip hop.

The only subjective issue is whether you are ready to hear these tracks in the spirit in which they were encoded in their particular medium, be it tape, disc or wax. Tracks like “We Will Soap Scum” and “Conspiracy of Myth” are reminiscent of the staggering potential of hip hop for human expression.

Arrhythmia shows that the potential of hip hop is being explored and expanded (outside the tunnel-vision of the corporate media and its shameless corruption of the human spirit).

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