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CD Review – Craig David – Slicker Than Your Average.

Craig David
Slicker Than Your AverageAtlantic

At the end of 2002, young talent Craig David released his sophomore album Slicker Than Your Average . With the success and immediate buzz of his first album to build on, his second release may silence his biggest critics.

Slicker Than Your Average re-introduces David as a man who’s matured, not only vocally, but also lyrically.

Slicker Than Your Average covers such diverse topics as his self-image, world awareness and a mature outlook on relationships. But, David does not completely abandon the bubble gum lyrics that tickle the fancies of his younger female listeners.

On the opening track, David targets critics and “haters” alike, who have doubted him as a recording artist. The lyrics “Ever since I first stepped up/ they said I wasn’t good enough/ they told me I’d only last one song…” proves he’s not afraid to take a stab at the relentless media.

The album makes a 180 degree turn in subject matter with the mainstream hit “What’s Your Flava,” the first single from the album.

The track is a guaranteed club hit with its late ’80s electronic synthesizer sounds that David manages to modernize.

Another catchy song is “Hidden Agenda.” It is a simple, yet well-produced tune with feel-good guitar riffs and David’s polished tenor vocals. Lyrically, the message is basic — your man is doing you wrong, so give me a chance to do you right.

The other highlighted songs on the album are “You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til The Well Runs Dry),” the R&B influenced “Personal,” and “Rise & Fall,” featuring Sting.

David sings aggressively on this album and is not afraid to go for a gritty sound, especially on “Personal.” The beats on the record vary from slow, mid-tempo club beats, to his original two-step UK garage sound.

The mood of Slicker Than Your Average sways back and forth, but there is something on this CD for every occasion.

Although he is still in the process of perfecting his craft, David is definitely on the right track to making a major impact on the industry with his charismatic vocals and catchy hooks. David’s journey is far from over.

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