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USF student chills Wit de Churen

What started as a project for an electronic media class has resulted in Conversations Wit De Churen, a CD written, produced and performed by USF student Kalup Donté Linzy. Conversations … is a comedic adventure chronicling relationships with a Southern ghetto-type slang that works well with the material.

Linzy, a studio art graduate student, provided the voices for more than a dozen characters.

“I wanted to entertain myself to create a world to draw myself in,” Linzy said.

Host Labisha introduces the album by warning listeners about certain “nasty words” frequently used in the skits. There’s so much profanity and so many sexual references that the “Parental Advisory” notice should take up the whole cover, but if you can get past the language, a humorous journey awaits.

Conversations … centers around the trials and tribulations of Ramone and Julietta, a couple experiencing some sexual transgressions, not the least of which are Ramone’s frequent booty calls.

There are also references to characters with humorous names like Bow-legged Mike, Cross-eyed Ray and Big-Booty Nisha.

On “Caller I.D.,” a woman receives phone calls with no one talking on the other line. Thinking they were prank calls, she curses the caller out. After a cavalcade of profanity, the woman’s grandmother, who is hard of hearing, answers back by scolding her asking, “Baby, you ain’t got caller ID? Even grandma got caller ID.”

A sequel, entitled All My Churen, should be completed in the spring, Linzy said.

Conversations Wit De Churen has been well supported by the School of Visual Arts. It has been featured in shows at the USF Contemporary Art Museum and Centre Gallery. The disc is available at the USF CAM.

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