Letters to the Editor 11/26

Muslim women have more freedoms

I was glad to read the story in The Oracle that gave a nice representation of Islam. However there was one correction I want to make, just to clear up any misconceptions that may have resulted from one part. The story said, “People who practice Islam, Kurdi said, don’t rule what some may think of as Muslim countries. Those governments enforce laws that require a woman to walk behind her husband at all times and to never be alone with any man except for her husband, even if it’s her brother.”

These sentences were confusing in that it says women are not allowed to be alone with any man except her husband, not even her brother. This is not the case, and Islam allows women and encourages us to have strong family ties. Muslim women are allowed to uncover their hair and interact with the men in their family. The only restrictions that apply in regards to dress and interactions are with men outside of a woman’s family. So, as for brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers and women, the relationships and communication are not only allowed, but encouraged.

Unfortunately, the so-called Muslim countries have done a horrible job representing Islam to the world, and the leaders overseas are not abiding by Islam’s laws and are thus distorting the image of Islam as a whole, which is why Muslim student organizations are trying to make themelves available to answer questions and mend some of the horrible stereotypes that exist about Islam.

Amal Kurdi is a senior double majoring in communications and Islamic studies.