Tab for Cooper Hall renovation $120,000

The dean’s office in Cooper Hall is getting a new look this semester so that students can get a better look at it.

The renovations to the College of Arts and Sciences dean’s office will make it more visible to students on the first floor, said Ron Hanke, associate director for Facilities Planning.

“(The renovation) will align the suite entrance with the front entrance of (Cooper Hall),” Hanke said.

Construction was apportioned through the small projects list and is expected to cost $120,000.

“This is something that has been on the small projects list for several months,” Hanke said.

Once the renovations were approved, the development team discussed designs for the office and then began the construction.

Hanke said construction began a few weeks ago and is scheduled to be finished by the end of December.

The redesign of the office will allow Renu Khator, the dean for the College of Arts and Sciences to be seen as more accessible to those passing through the building, Hanke said.

“(The office) will have some glass panels at its opening,” Hanke said. “This is going to give her suite more visibility and better access to students and her office staff.”

Michelle Carlyon, a media coordinator for USF’s Office of Media Relations, noted that this is the first renovation Cooper Hall has received in a while. Carlyon said most of the work in Cooper Hall, as of late, was done to bring the building up to code.