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Bush wary of Saddam’s move

Wait a minute? What just happened? Iraq actually said yes to weapons inspections. Saddam actually agreed to the inspections even though his Parliament voted against them. He even turned in his response 48 hours before the deadline.

Could President Bush be wrong in thinking that war might be his best choice? Might he have made a mistake by thinking he should jump the gun?

While France tries to write a resolution that will appease both the United States and Iraq, President Bush is bent on sending troops to Iraq. He must have been jumping up and down with joy when Republicans got the majority in both the House and the Senate on Nov. 5.

With all branches of the government — the legislative, the judicial and the executive branches — filled with Republicans, a war was certainly on its way. With the Democrats out of the way, Bush had nothing to worry about.

What makes it worse is that Bush is still serious about his war threat. He’s going to take any chance he gets to go to war with Iraq. Any stupid mistake Saddam makes could end with bombs blasting through Baghdad’s atmosphere. Saddam is probably picturing Bush sitting at his desk in his Oval office, his beady eyes becoming even narrower, as he waves his thumb at him, threatening him with invasion.

First off, Bush says the Iraqi invasion warrants an attack because Iraq has been breaking United Nations resolutions.

Well, if Bush hasn’t figured it out by now, other countries have also broken United Nations resolutions. One example is Israel. The United Nations has constantly been asking Israel to lighten up on the Palestinian situation. But has the United States declared war on them? No. In fact, Israel is one of the United States’ greatest allies.

It’s also great that Mr. Bush wants to eradicate terrorism. But if Bush thinks that he’s fighting the war against Iraq in the name of terrorism, he’s dead wrong.

Sept. 11 was an awful event. Thousands of people lost their lives. However, what does Saddam have to do with the terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers? Nothing. Both Saddam and Osama bin Laden come from different mindsets. They are from different groups.

It’s like trying to say that an orange is an apple. One person is a religious fanatic. The other is a psycho fanatic.

Besides, if Bush sends troops to Iraq, he could be putting the United States at risk. If Saddam is harboring weapons of mass destruction, might he take the chance to use one of them on us? Even if Saddam does have his own weapons, he has a right to them.

Why should the United States, Israel and Russia be among the limited countries that could possess nuclear weapons? Each country is keeping them for its protection. If Saddam has weapons, he is keeping them to protect his own people. He feels that his country is threatened by the presence of Israel.

Not to mention, if the United States did go to war, then the international arena would be in disagreement with our president. The entire world has been hounding Bush, trying to tell him that war is the wrong idea.

Everyone has been trying to tell our wonderful president he’s walking on a tightrope. France warned about an attack. Germany likened Bush to Hitler. Even Mexico tried to give good old Bush some good advice. The question is: Will Bush actually listen?