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Steady Mobbin’

For those already going to the Nappy Roots show at the Special Events Center Sunday, be sure to get there early so you don’t miss USF’s own M.O.B.

These Orange County cats performed last month at SEC, as part of The Best of Both Worlds rap-off against Versatile Family of University of Tampa, and held it down for USF.

“They made it out like it was us against them. We won,” said M.O.B. member ARA (pronounced AY-ar-ah).

The crowd for Best of Both Worlds was over 1,100, and many more will be there for the show Saturday.

All eight members of M.O.B flip it with a different style. Cannon comes through with a laid-back style, while J-Rod sounds a bit like Juvenile with a little Nelly thrown in.

Anthrax describes his versatile flow by saying, “I can hit you from all angles.”

Anthrax “brings death to the mic,” said ARA.

ARA’s style is also mellow, but “he gets straight to the point,” said Anthrax.

Hooking up the beats for this group is DJ Head Bussa. He has spun at many area clubs, including Club Atlanta, 1509, Red Zone and Club Rain.

His beats are reminiscent of the ones used by Trick Daddy and Cash Money. A lot of quick drum beats and some horns here and there, especially for intros. Oh yeah, he never forgets to bring a boatload of bass.

“Bussa’s the icing on the cake,” said MF Meat, who brings many of the hooks on their first album On The Grind.

Head Bussa keeps the beats fast on tracks like “It’s Time” and “She Can Get It,” but he can put it down low and steady on tracks like

“N—-s on Da Rise” and “Hide Out.”

As for Saturday’s show, Head Bussa said, “We’re trying to bring something different to the game, some variety.”

“We’ve been working hard. We want to be better than last time and tear it up,” said Cannon.

Andrew Pina