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Waiting it out

When Corey Johnson resigned as USF deputy athletic director last month, he left Lee Roy Selmon to pick up his responsibilities. Selmon, USF’s athletic director, said the day-to-day operations Johnson oversaw have now fallen to him.

Johnson, who contributed to the development of the athletic facilities, resigned from USF after two women in the athletic department filed a sexual harassment complaint against him.

But the reason behind Johnson’s resignation wasn’t because of the allegations, according to the resignation letter he sent to the athletic department Oct. 17.

Meanwhile, Selmon said he is examining the operations of the athletic department until the status of the position is decided.

“Right now, we’re just analyzing our department,” Selmon said. “We have not made any decision if we’re going to refill that position.”

Selmon said there is no timeline for when a decision will be made, but until then, he is going to be reviewing the athletic department’s current situation.

“We’re looking at what our workloads are for now,” Selmon said.

Following complaints brought against Johnson at USF, allegations of inappropriate behavior and dishonesty were revealed from Johnson’s former employer, Colorado State University.

It was unclear to the USF administration whether the consulting firm it hired to aid its search, Carr Sports Associates, conducted a full background check on Johnson.

If it is decided that the deputy athletic director position should be filled, Selmon said there is no decision on whether they will use the same firm used to hire Johnson and himself.

“I can’t say that any decisions have been made yet,” Selmon said.