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Be yourself, and be happy

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” or “Looks don’t matter.”

Unfortunately, society has driven the message into our heads that in order to be considered attractive, we must be physically attractive. We convince ourselves that proof of this statement exists, whether because Hollywood celebrities all project the image of perfection, or because you were dumped for another girl.

Fortunately, the logic to counter these beliefs is much more sound. Think about this: How many times have you met someone who did not at first strike you as all that good looking, but afterward discovered a lovely personality, thought his or her looks were lovely as well?

The opposite also happens frequently; someone you may consider striking at first loses his or her appeal when you find out he or she is stuck-up or vapid. Who wants to spend time with someone who looks amazing but has nothing to talk to you about?

To find a soulmate or happiness, you must be yourself. You must go through life pursuing interests that make you happy and build you as a person academically, socially and spiritually. In most cases, if you do this, along the way you will run into someone who shares your interests and who likes you because of what you have done with your life or because of your sense of humor or intelligence.

Life is all about connections and relationships with other people, and the more people you connect with and the closer you get to them, the happier you will be. Take risks in meeting and approaching new people, and don’t let looks get in the way.

University Wire — U. of Maryland