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A mysterious message

The meaning behind a mysterious message scrawled on a brick wall outside Cooper Hall remains unknown.

The message that appeared sometime last year reads “McDuffie’s Revenge” and is visible only from an extreme left angle.

Sgt. Mike Klingebiel, spokesman for the University Police, said no investigation had been initiated to find who was responsible because no one had reported it.

Klingebiel said vandalism to buildings on campus “crops up from time to time,” but isn’t that common. He said auto theft and vandalism occur much more often.

Freddie Wilburn, head of the custodial staff, agreed, saying most graffiti appears in restrooms, not on buildings.

Wilburn said when his staff sees graffiti on buildings, they make an effort to clean it up as quickly as possible. He said it doesn’t detract from other duties because it’s part of the custodial staff’s job.

Klingebiel said written messages, slogans and symbols, such as the one that appeared on the wall near the Subway, usually involve a sorority or fraternity and not individual vandals.

In addition, Klingebiel said if the message can be cleaned, it’s not even considered a crime.

“If it’s something that can be cleaned up with soap and water, the state’s attorney won’t prosecute,” Klingebiel said.

If the person responsible for the message is caught, Klingebiel said it would most likely be handled through student affairs and involve USF-sanctioned disciplinary action.

Klingebiel said only when property is physically damaged to the point where it has to be repaired, such as a door being kicked in, then criminal charges can be brought.