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Overturned vehicle in accident leaks gasoline on Magnolia

Gasoline leaked from an overturned vehicle that was involved in an accident on Magnolia Drive Thursday. University Police had to block off Magnolia from the Fletcher Avenue entrance to West Holly Drive for about an hour so officials could clean the gasoline leak and transport one USF student to the hospital.

The driver of a red Honda Civic had minor injuries when she was taken to the hospital after she struck the side of a white Ford Ranger causing it to flip on its side, said Officer Dial with University Police.

Dial said the accident occurred around 3:40 p.m. when the driver of the Ford was making a left turn into the parking lot of the Health Sciences Therapy Center and the driver of the Honda hit the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

A small amount of gasoline leaked from the truck when it flipped onto the driver’s side. Dial said the driver of the truck climbed out of the passenger’s window with no injuries. Dial said the driver of the truck did not see the oncoming vehicle as he turned into the parking lot. Dial said he would not release the drivers’ names until he finished an investigation of the accident.