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STP rocks for free

Ain’t nothing wrong with free.

A diverse (at least by age) crowd of nearly 3,000 sweated it out behind the Sun Dome Wednesday, as Stone Temple Pilots played a free show, part of Nissan’s national Z tour.

The spirited crowd erupted as lead singer Scott Weiland and his bandmates hopped on stage. Weiland, replete with megaphone, immediately belted into “Crackerman.” The song, off the album Core, features Weiland utilizing the megaphone to imitate the sound of a radio transmission. This effect was well- received by the crowd, which screamed heartily at each use.

The band then went into “Vasoline,” arguably their biggest hit. This song, with heavy bass playing by Robert DeLeo, instantly got the crowd jumping. Spectators bodysurfed, as their concert comrades heaved bodies up and over each other. DeLeo, nattily dressed like a young Jimmy Buffett, looked downright Floridian.

Weiland then told the crowd how he felt standing up on the uncovered, sun-drenched stage, exclaiming “200 percent humidity” and “90 degrees.”

This didn’t stop him from reaching Jim Morisson or Iggy Pop-esque poses throughout the show. Then with three whacks of Eric Kretz’s drumsticks, the band then started up “Wicked Garden,” also off of Core.

After Weiland moonwalked through “Dead” and “Big Empty,” STP started up “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart,” to which Weiland added, “You know what I’m talking about” to one refrain of the chorus.

Throughout the show, fans showed their appreciation by throwing all types of things onto the stage. Crowd members heaved water bottles, beer bottles, shoes and other objects, with Weiland half-dancing and half-dodging projectiles left and right.

During “Interstate Love Song,” a crowd member launched one of those fishing hats kids wear these days to the stage, which was then caught by Weiland. Donning the hat, Weiland then leaned on the mic stand while singing the second verse. He then flipped the hat back into the crowd and fixed his hair as fans mauled each other over the hat.

He also threw water bottles into the crowd, saying “there’s acid in there.” The crowd naturally exploded.

On “Plush,” the band’s first hit nearly 10 years ago, Weiland danced his way around the speakers, amplifiers and other band members on the stage during Dean DeLeo’s guitar solo. His tight black pants further exaggerated his snakelike machinations.

After leaving the stage, the band returned for the requisite encore with “Sex Type Thing,” another hit from Core that’s also featured on the Gran Turismo soundtrack.

During this song, Weiland conducted the crowd with his arms. The fans moved their arms in accordance to his and clapped along with him to end the show.