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Got beer? Hopefully not

Beer does a body good? The hard-line animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has launched an anti-milk campaign that is an Oreo short of a cream filling. The marketing mayhem has gained resentment nationwide for promoting the consumption of beer instead of milk. Their ads boldly ride on a unique, sharply eloquent slogan ó ìGot Beer?î
PETAís Web site graphically describes the appalling tactics dairy farms implement for draining cows of as much milk as possible. The site claims that milk is significantly detrimental to human health and can cause pimples, excess mucus, obesity, diabetes, heart cancer and incredibly, osteoporosis.
Two years ago, PETA was forced to stifle the beer campaign because of the growing animosity of MADD and dairy farmers. The main argument was over the promotionís irresponsibility because it encouraged drinking among college students. Now, clinging to a recent Harvard study on the damaging effects of dairy, PETA has rekindled the anti-milk, pro-beer advertisement.
Shannon denied accusations of PETA promoting alcohol to college kids, even though the ìGot Beer?î ad was proposed to the nationís top-10 party schools. At least half of the universities allowed the ad to run in their school newspapers. Furthermore, it is difficult to discourage alcoholic drinking when youíre handing out free bottle-openers and beer cozies.
MADD is highly insulted and rejects PETAís scheme. They have every right to be. Binge drinking is a massive problem among college kids, and kills 14,000 annually. MADD asserts that PETA has lost its credibility by crossing the line and hurting young students.
Personally, I went cold turkey on cow juice at age 10. Never could remember a time when I actually savored the hormonal secretions of a farm animal. I agree with PETA when it maintains that human milk should feed human babies, cow milk should feed calves and so on. However, it is clear that their priorities are misconstrued. Using booze to spark the interest of our age group is a cheap shot. Two wrongs will not make a right.
PETA has made a mockery out of its organization by sponsoring such disrespectful rubbish and has reduced itself to a degree of incredibility. The groupís Web site blares one-sided, illogical ìfactsî along with sputtering inserts of expertise such as, ìThe fact is that you can drink beer responsibly. The same canít be said of milk.î
Letís not even try to translate the brilliance woven through that uncanny revelation. In addition, PETA states, ìUnlike beer drinking, dairy consumption also hurts animals.î That being possible, it is not the point. Donít these people realize that the mistake lies in the beer?
All I have observed from these ultra-aggressive commandos are empty claims and domineering tactics. Why didnít they pick orange juice in place of beer? The answer ó university students are not going to jump on the orange juice bandwagon because whereís the fun in that?
We have to respond to PETAís evidently belittling perception of our interests and gullibility. It thinks we are a bunch of ditzy college kids that can be bought with beer cozies. It is understandable that vehement vegans viciously detest milk, but it is no excuse to be as stark and thickheaded as to offer alcohol as an alternative. It makes me wonder, ìGot nerve?î