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Another season, another reason

The only time you truly know that fall is approaching is when MTV premieres a new season of its groundbreaking show, The Real World. And yes, it’s true folks, they have given us seven new people to rip apart, idolize and talk about incessantly, and this time it comes to us from Sin City.

I was only 12 when the Real World first aired in 1992. I wasn’t even allowed to watch MTV, but I managed to get my Real World learnin’. Of course, I know now that the Real World isn’t too real at all. As San Francisco housemate Judd once put it, “Real people pay rent.” And most people I know of Real World age don’t have hot tubs and pool tables.

But the real part of the show is supposed to be getting to know other people from different backgrounds and cultures and perhaps learning how to change your perception of things. For us, the lucky viewers of this morbidly curious monstrosity, it’s all about sex and drama: Who is hooking up with whom, who’s sleeping in someone else’s bed and who is about to get a whoopin’ Real World style.

Before I encounter a new crop of prom kings and drama queens, I would just like to look back and remember some of my favorite cast members and seasons.

Arguably, season one from New York was the best but only because it was first. We had never seen anything like it: people who didn’t know, and might possibly hate, each other trapped in this great loft with no escape from the cameras.

Kevin and Julie’s argument about racism was among the most memorable events, with Heather B. punching out some girl at a house party a close second. My favorite episode ever? The one where the cast-mates team up to trick Eric, and Julie comments, “I get to be a whore.”

Los Angeles brought us David, the first cast-mate ever to be kicked out. San Francisco gave us Puck, and also Pedro, a somewhat lethal combination. Remember the whole finger in the peanut butter incident?

Then came London, Miami, Boston and Seattle. Oh Lord, all I can say is Nathan and David. And Lindsey – she was so cute. Seattle had a rockin’ house and a drama-filled season fueled mainly by crazy Irene and unbalanced Steven. By far, this season is my favorite.

Hawaii was fun to watch because of Ruthie, the alcoholic, and Amaya. Everyone who watches the Real World knows someone like Amaya. And you know you can’t stand him or her.

New Orleans was boring, except for Mormon Julie’s discovery of who she could be. The tenth season returned to New York, and the only good thing about it was the development between Mike and Coral. In Chicago, we watched the housemates’ reaction to Sept. 11. Most entertaining was Keri and Kyle’s mass destruction of what could have been a really great relationship.

And now, Vegas. The trouble one can get into there is enough. But seven strangers? I know where I’ll be Tuesday night.

Jessica Higgins is a junior majoring in mass communications.