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World Summit paves the way

History was made on Monday when the World Summit procured the signing of a break through in modern diplomacy as well as environmental policy. By signing a plan of action that has yet to be named, the biggest powers in the world have taken gigantic steps forward to ensure the equality of all nations. Despite the fact that President Bush himself chose not to attend, this is a positive and much needed sign that leaders are looking forward, into the future of the next generation.

Colin Powell was the leading U.S. delegate to the World Summit this past week where a plan was agreed upon that will help to alleviate the financial troubles of some of the world’s poorest nations. According to The Associated Press, by utilizing a variety of energy sources to produce greater means of production and improve housing conditions, not only will the United States. and other fossil fuel producing nations make money for themselves, but struggling Third World nations in great need will also benefit.

This is a victory for those who attended the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where accords were reached and never heard of again. The new plans will help to improve living conditions in countries like South Africa, by improving economies and generating a larger work force during the building of new energy plants themselves as well as during future use of the facilities. The improved economies of these nations will in turn create a more stable world market that will hopefully cause a balancing of wealth among all nations, a much better alternative to borrowing from World Bank or arranging an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

Although there are no definite starting dates on these grand plans, they are a much-needed show of good faith. Without steps like this, Gen-Xers and college-aged adults will have little left to work with by the time they are the leaders behind world politics and policy. Let’s hope our leaders actually follow through.