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Letters to the Editor 8/29

Local T-shirt company doesn’t deliver

I am an officer in a club here on campus and have recently been appointed “coach” of a couple of intramural teams. We wanted shirts with numbers and a team name and such. The tasks of putting a club shirt together, money collecting and production are very time-consuming. I have advice to anyone who has to go through this process this fall – do not use All Screen Printables.

I called a variety of screen printers. They were all very nice but a little pricey, especially since we were not planning on turning a profit for these shirts. Then I called All Screen Printables. The price was fantastic, and the person I talked to claimed his turnaround time to be two days. I was elated and began collecting money.

I wanted to give myself plenty of time. My adventure started Au.t 1. I had all the money collected by Aug. 7 and called the printer. I reminded him of our deal, and he told me to fax him my design ideas. I fax him the design Aug.t 8.

On Aug.t 15, I’ve not heard anything. I called back. He’d lost the fax and couldn’t find my number to tell me. This is the point where I normally tell people “thank you very much” and go elsewhere, but the difference in cost for another screener (about $50) would have be a pain to collect, and I was running out of time. I faxed him again and got no answer.

I decided to meet him at his office, and I made an appointment for August 16 at 4 p.m. in Riverview. At about 5:15 he pulled up and apologized up and down, and I, sap that I was, accepted, and we spent about 15 minutes on the details. I said I wanted the shirts by Friday, which would mean I would pick them up Thursday night. He said, “No problem; most likely they’ll be done by Wednesday, but we’ll call you.”

Wednesday, Aug. 21 came and there was no call. Feeling like an idiot, I called and he told me “We are working on them right now, and they’ll be ready later on this afternoon, but we’ll call back.”

Thursday I called back. He said he didn’t know when they’d be done and then added, “What do you care, the deal was Friday, remember?” I said we were cutting it really close, and I needed them. He said he’d call when they were done and hung up on me.

So here it is Thursday afternoon and I had nothing. I needed the shirts by Aug. 23. I started planning with All Screen Printables on August 8, and this has been the longest two days of my life. This is important to share this story because shirts are constantly being created on this campus, and this company does not deserve or respect your business.

Will I get my shirts in time? Who knows. The effort was not worth the difference in cost, and I am stuck recalling what my mother always said, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Nicole Johnson is a graduate student in the College of Medicine.<BR

Genshaft should apologize and resign her position

I am a Caucasian and a natura- born U.S. citizen raised in the Methodist faith. I am in no way affiliated with any Islamic or Muslim organization. I in no way support any Islamic or Muslim organization. I spent three years of my life as a soldier in the U.S. Army defending America, her Constitution and all of her citizens.

I find your position concerning Dr. Al-Arian deplorable. Your attitude and actions do nothing more than promote further hatred from Islamic and Muslim radicals. In my country, we have the right to say “Death to Israel” if we so choose. In my country, we have a well-known law providing the right to freedom of speech to all our citizens. In my country, a man or woman is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of peers.

This leads me to ask: just what country are you living in? Have you totally forgotten the Constitution? Are you simply looking for headlines? Are you a coward, who instead of standing up for what is right, bows to the pressure of irresponsible media?

You, Mrs. Genshaft, are one of those people who make me ashamed to admit that I am an American. The right thing for you to do is to stop all of this now, make a public apology to Dr. Al-Arian, an apology to the United States public and then resign your position.

Greg Lambert is a resident of Indianapolis, Ind.