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Painting closes MC patio

The construction being done on the Phyllis P. Marshall Center is at the edge of completion. The painting contractor will begin working on the final quadrant of the Marshall Center on Monday. The final quadrant includes the covered patio that is adjacent to the Marshall Center’s food court. Due to the awnings covering the patio, this area will be closed for as long as two weeks.

Joe Synovec, assistant director for operations of the Marshall Center, said the contractor is going to try to speed the process up, but nothing is definite.

The contractors will be bringing in cranes that will take up space along the patio area to finish the paint job, Synovec said.

“Because of the cranes coming in we want to close of the section for safety reasons and make sure that no one will get hurt,” Synovec said.

Students can enter the Marshall Center through the Bookstore or the south side’s main doors, Synovec said.

Seating will be available in the Tampa Room, and accommodations for the overflow will be made as necessary.

“It is the very end of the project, and it is the only wall left,” Synovec said. “We could not prolong it until after school gets out.”

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