The right stuff

Sophomore Corin Tassio

“Her and Rachel Rosenbaum spin the ball better than anybody else on the team.”

Best pitch – Tight riseball spin

Needs to improve – Dropball and consistency with the curveball

Freshman Katie Dugger

“Working on mechanics more than anything else. Needs to be cautious of arm injury from banging her arm on her hip to prevent stress fracture.”

Best pitch – Dropball and change-up

Needs to improve – mechanics

Freshman Niki Trowell

“Didn’t throw curve or dropball before coming to USF.”

Best pitch – Slow curve

Needs to improve – Different grips and follow through

Sophomore Gail Callinan

“Only lefty pitcher … came in with fast ball and drop ball.

Developing a good curve.”

Needs to improve – Staying ahead in the count and hitting the spots

Grace Agostin