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In their own words

What is the biggest problem you think USF is facing?

I think the biggest problem USF faces is the growing pains of being a young university. During the basketball game you saw UF students with their gator mouths chomping, and you even had USF students doing the bullhorns. We had spirit. We are going to get there, but we are still young.

-Dave Mincberg

I think the main problem is the vision but within that is the lack of recognition. A lot of people don’t know about USF. We need to be recognized as a prestigious university, and we are a center of research and a volunteering community. We are not being publicized as well as other Florida universities. I know about other campus things, but USF doesn’t get the same recognition.

-Lakia Stewart

What would be your first priority if elected as SG leaders?

My priority is the Marshall Center enhancement project. I have been working on it all year. And it is not so SG can have more offices but to have more food services, to have more student organization office and meeting space, but more importantly it will do what is in the name, that is to unionize the students. It is the Marshall Center Student Union. Regardless, if elected or not, I will still work on the project because I see it happening. It is all about vision and leaving USF better than you found it.

-Mike Griffin

Over summer I would be collaborating with UF and FSA to make it known that we as students need Bright Futures. We need to make that known early on that it is a concern with the students, and that we are in dire need of Bright Futures to be a state scholarship.

-Joe Nirenberg