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Fernandez dismisses freshman for violations

Freshman forward Allison AuBuchon has been dismissed from the USF women’s basketball team, coach Jose Fernandez said Monday.

The dismissal arose from an incident in which AuBuchon charged unauthorized meals to her account. Fernandez notified AuBuchon Thursday that he had made the decision to remove her from the team.

“I know my mistakes caused my dismissal,” AuBuchon said. “And I wish I could change things in time. But I wasn’t aware at the time it was an issue.”

Still, Fernandez said that this latest problem wasn’t the only reason for AuBuchon being discharged from the team.

“This was more of an accumulation of problems that Allison dealt with this year,” Fernandez said. “This is not the only disciplinary action Allison has been involved with. Allison has been suspended twice previously from our team, and I have had to make the decision to dismiss her from the program after she broke university and athletic department policy.”

AuBuchon was part of a four-member class signed by Fernandez in spring 2001. She sat out the exhibition season due to a suspension, but then played in all 27 games for the Bulls, including 10 starts. AuBuchon averaged eight points and four rebounds per game this season and said she is considering transferring in order to keep playing basketball.

“It’s a shame because she’s one of the kids I brought in,” Fernandez said. “But, I have to have everybody on the same page. Everyone must be accountable.”

AuBuchon’s departure leaves just 10 scholarship players for next season, but Fernandez has the luxury of signing as many as five players before the start of the season.

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