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Students gather to discuss world peace

The Students for International Peace and Justice is holding an educational meeting today entitled “The Crisis in Iraq.”

The meeting, which is being held in Cooper 125 from 5-7 p.m., is part of a monthlong Wounds of the World series in which the group hopes to discuss issues of global concern.

Group member Alia Radwan said the goal of the series is to educate students on several issues in the modern world and warfare.

“Our goal is to advocate peace around the world,” Radwan said. “We’re not advocating any sort of violence. (We advocate) justice in a non-violent, non-aggressive manner.”

Radman said today’s discussion about Iraq will bring to light several issues surrounding possible U.S. attacks. She said 81 percent of Americans support action against Iraq.

“It’s one thing to be against Saddam Hussein, but it’s another thing when (the United States) is attacking civilians and children,” she said. “We just want to try to let people see things from another side, another point of view, from the children’s point of view.”

Part of the basis for the group is that “knowledge is power” and “apathy is ignorance.” Radwan said the group seeks to teach students the “stories behind the stories,” meaning the suffering civilians must endure because of warfare.

“We just want to talk about the children and how people are already suffering,” she said. “(We) don’t want (war) to affect the civilians.”

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