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Engineering Expo 2002

The Engineering Expo, one of the largest annual USF sponsored events, will take place this weekend. Intended mainly to increase engineering interest for K-12 students and to demystify the college experience by exposing children to the teaching and research laboratories of the college, the expo is now in its 29th year.

This year, many new departments, such as the College of Architecture, the Center for Micro Electronics and the Center for Urban Transportation, will make their debut at the expo.

One highlight of this year’s show will be professor Robin Murphy’s ground zero robots. Rubble will be delivered to the grounds near the new engineering building for the robots to demonstrate their ability. The robots were used at ground zero in September to work in areas that rescuers could not reach.

The College of Engineering estimates that approximately 4,000 people will attend this year’s expo, which will feature over 75 exhibits.

USF students will be responsible for roughly two-thirds of the exhibits, while corporate sponsors provide the remaining one-third.

The expo will also hold scheduled shows, including “Fun with Physics,” “The Laser Light Show,” “The Chemical Magic Show,” and “The Heart Science Exhibition.” Show schedules will be posted at the event, though visitors can obtain a full, detailed schedule by registering at the booths located near the parking lots.

USF chapter societies will involve children with activities such as the “Spaghetti Gum Drop Tower” and the “McGyver Challenge.” The Engineering Olympics, a question and answer competition, will also be held for high school and junior high students.

TECO is the main sponsor of this year’s expo, and the company will be offering five $1,000 one-time only scholarships. The scholarships can be won in competitions held throughout the expo. Three of the competitions are for children, with the scholarship going toward future USF attendance. Also, one expo staffer and one expo student exhibitioner will each win one of the $1,000 scholarships.

The event is free and open to the public.For more expo information, visit http://org.eng.usf.edu/expo or call 974-3585.

  • Wilfredo Colón