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SG interest meeting draws two more

Two more students attended an interest meeting on Friday for students wanting information about campaigning in this year’s student body president and vice president elections. And if both John Johnson and Joe Nirenberg, the latest students to express interest in campaigning, decide to run, there could be at least three tickets vying for the highest student positions in Student Government.

At an interest meeting a week ago, student body president Mike Griffin and vice president Dave Mincberg signed letters of intent to campaign again this year.

So far, neither Nirenberg nor Johnson has chosen on a running mate.

And both said Friday that they have yet to decide whether they will declare their candidacies. Each was merely checking out the possibility.

“I am here to get information on it,” said Nirenberg, a junior and vice president of policies and procedures for the Residence Hall Association. ” I’m in ROTC, as well, and I need to talk to my colonel first. But it is a very good possibility that I will run.”

Johnson, also a junior, said he’s interested in SG because he wants to get students more involved.

“I want the students to be able to achieve their goals and be able to get things passed on campus,” Johnson said.

David Armstrong, business manger for SG, explained to Nirenberg and Johnson the duties required for student body president and what they would have to do if they run for office.

“Campaigning is a lot of work. The job is a yearlong position that is tough along with school work to do,” Armstrong said. “SG has over a $6 million budget to handle along with overseeing the organizations.”

During Friday’s meeting, Nirenberg and Johnson signed acknowledgement forms agreeing that they understood the election rules.

Armstrong said Nirenberg and Johnson must now review the election packet and complete the appropriate forms by March 5 to officially declare their candidacies.

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