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Up ‘Til Dawn brings service to students

Up ‘Til Dawn is an event in which universities across Florida and the nation have participated. Students and attendees stay up all night or 12 hours to raise money for hospitals or organizations that are in need of money. Some campuses in the past have called the event “dance marathon” because attendees are split into teams that dance all night.

This year, Student Government will be hosting Up ‘Til Dawn which will support St. Jude Children Research Hospital. The hospital takes care of children with cancer and terminal diseases. Families of the children do not have to pay for the health care provided at St. Jude’s because the money is brought in by outside organizations, such as events like Up ‘Til Dawn.

This is the first time that USF has done Up ‘Til Dawn or an event similar to it. “Most of the other Florida campuses and other universities around the nation have done similar events to raise money,” said Lori Drutz, chairwoman for the event.

The event, which kicks off Tuesday at 7 p.m., will start with a spaghetti dinner. SG will accept donations, but the actual event will be held April 19 in the Marshall Center basement.

Drutz said all proceeds will go to St. Jude’s, and the event will be a big celebration.

“We will have 98.7 (FM), a slide show, and sumo wrestling during the 12-hour event,” Drutz said.

Drutz said there will be teams of six that will attempt to raise the most money and try to be the most spirited during the evening. The winners will receive awards.

“There will be an award for the most spirited team and there will be a first, second and third place for those teams who raised the most money,” she said.SG has already started collecting money for the event.

“We have already raised $200 in the first two months,” Drutz said.

“It’s a good way for all the students to get involved with the university,” Drutz said.

In most cases, the other campuses have reported approximately 800-1,000 people in attendance.

Drutz said she wanted to bring Up ‘Til Dawn to USF to bring a better tradition to campus because of student body president and vice president Mike Griffin and Dave Mincberg’s campaign to bring a better spring tradition.

“This helps support school spirit and makes USF shine because we are helping children,” she said.

Drutz said although this is USF’s first year hosting the event, they are still expecting a good turn out, approximately 200 people.

“This will be the beginning of a spring tradition that SG is not expecting to come and go, but to hold in years to come,” she said.