Holiday ideas for the frugal

Don’t have much money this holiday season? Not to worry, there are plenty of good gifts still out there that are cheap and easy to come across. Ignoring the obvious choices, such as CDs or Harry Potter memorabilia, here’s a list of gift ideas to provide a kick-start for anyone still wondering what to buy. Some are classics, others are more unique, but they’ll all go easier on the wallet than trendy gifts. Now the only problem is finding the time to shop.

Homemade Crafts
Advantage: It’s free. Go to for ideas.
Drawback: Requires both creativity and time – two things most people simply don’t have.
Cost: Nada.

Coloring Book/Crayons
Advantage: Coloring books require no artistic ability whatsoever.
Drawback: Not a good idea for scrooge types.
Cost: Less than $10.

Advantage: Candles are a cheap gift for anyone in need of some rest and relaxation.
Drawback: Three words: Against dorm rules.
Cost: Varies.

Advantage: Guys, listen up: that special lady will love it if you blow bubbles with her.
Drawback: Girls, this doesn’t work the other way around.
Cost: Less than $5.

USF Gear
Advantage: USF gear is the fool-proof way to go. It’s available on campus, so there’s no hassle fighting mall crowds or waiting for it to arrive through the mail, plus there’s plenty of merchandise available to choose from.
Drawback: Drawback? It’s USF gear. There is no drawback.
Cost: Varies.

Advantage: Chocolate is a no-risk gift for any time.
Drawback: Some people are pretty picky about which chocolates they like and which they don’t. Getting the right kind may require some research.
Cost: Varies.

Henna Tattoo Kit
Advantage: Henna tattoos are a hot gift for anyone looking for that bad boy/girl look without the commitment of a real tattoo.
Drawback: It might be tough to choose the right design.
Cost: Between $10 and $150.

Advantage: Some would argue that there’s nothing better than tossing around a football with some friends. This gift also works for soccer balls and basketballs.
Drawback: Not everyone’s a sports fan.
Cost: Usually between $5 and $20.