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Bull Bytes 11/28

Q: You’re a two-sport star in both basketball and track and field. Do you think you could find a spot on Jim Leavitt’s team?
A: (Laughing) Heck yeah I could. Either receiver or quarterback. I got skills.

Q: Who is the funniest guy on the basketball team?
A: (without hesitation) Terrence Leather.

Q: Being a hip-hop fan, who’s your favorite MC?

Q: But who is the best MC of all-time?
A: Tupac.

Q: We’ve heard that your pretty good at pool, is that true?
A: Yeah, I can shoot.

Q: Rumor has it B.B. Waldon is the man when it comes to billiards?
A: Nah, he sucks.

Q: Who is the leader on the basketball team?
A: Reggie Kohn.

Q: If you weren’t playing, do you think you would pitch a tent and join the guys outside the Sun Dome?
A: (Laughing) Hell no. They’re cool, but I think they’re a little crazy.

Q: If there was alternating possession, do you think you could beat Aiya Shepard in a game of one-on-one?
A: No, I can’t. She got game.

Q: If you could send one message to the Florida Gators before they come to town Dec. 8, what would it be?
A: South Florida owns the Dome, baby.