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Editorial: Shuttle takes hopes to new heights

The launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor is another example of America to returning to its normal daily activities.

Ever since the Sept. 11 attacks, President George W. Bush and political leaders have encouraged American citizens to go on with their daily lives and activities. That Americans should move forward with confidence and not show fear or anxiety.

The government did not seem to lead by example until the authorization of the launch on Nov. 29.

Along with the shuttle and the thousands of flags going into orbit this week will be the hopes and confidence of the United States.

New policies and new measures for security undermine the concept of returning to normal activities.

The government did not seem to take its own advice until recently. The launch of Endeavor, the first space shuttle to launch during wartime in the space program’s history, illustrates America’s fight to carry on after being attacked.

Endeavor will not only carry its crew, but it will take thousands of American flags into space, including the one from the World Trade Center site.

The tight security around the launch pad will not allow civilians or journalists to stand in the normal viewing areas; however, the shuttle’s launch is visible even from Tampa.

As citizens watch the shuttle from their homes or on TV, they will watch the government’s example of moving forward.

The fact that the United States will take on an endeavor of this magnitude, the space shuttle being such a huge target, proves that the nation is not allowing fear and threats to disrupt our way of life.

The people now have something to build upon as they progress in post-Sept. 11 America.